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Film Editing Makes Movies Into Art

YouTube Video Drop

Our latest YouTube video highlights exactly why editing makes movies into cinematic masterpieces.

Movies Are Art And Editing Is Your Paint.

That’s not up for discussion but do you know why? Editing… you heard us. We’re here to tell you that editing is the unsung hero of every movie you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s what we like to call the silent narrator of movies.

It’s All In The Cut

It’s actually about the science of the cut. While we take leave of our senses and enjoy our favorite flicks, there are many subtle visual cues that are placed by filmmakers to help us feel something. It’s all about what images follow one another, how they are cut together that really elevates the art form. It defines the magic of cinema.

What Makes The Cut?

The moment filmmakers decided to experiment with how they cut together film was when the form became art. By using continuity cutting, we allow the audience to enter a scene like never before. It gives them the best perspective possible but most importantly it allows the filmmaker to influence their feelings. As filmmakers we get to decide what we film, what equipment we need to use and how we light and dress the scene but it’s in the editing room where the message of the film is constructed.

The other most effective type of editing technique is the cross cut. This is where the footage displayed on screen from shot to shot is in differing locations. It means we can make big visual statements in the flick of an eye, giving us the chance to juxtapose ideas and create big emotions in the audience. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have in our armory as filmmakers and it is exactly why movies are one of the most impactful and influential art forms in the world today.

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