Live Streaming

At Epic Light Media we don’t subscribe. We don’t subscribe to boring or unoriginal. That means we help build your big events and live stream them directly out into the world. Let’s stream something together.

Live Streaming

The modern world has seen a revolution in our communication technology. The ability to speak to anyone face to face no matter where they are has changed how we keep in contact with our loved ones, how we meet new people and most importantly how we do business. One of the major developments from the advance in video tech has been the growth of live streaming and it’s something we know a little bit about.

The live stream is nothing new but since the big social media and online video companies decided to offer streaming the medium has skyrocketed. There are influencers live streaming to their fans everyday about the subjects that matter to them. Sporting events are moving their flagship competitions directly to streaming platforms. Government agencies are broadcasting important public service announcements to the nation. And brands are reaching out to their audience with all types of live streams.

Why does my company need live streaming?

It’s a good question. Let’s start by asking a few questions ourselves.

Do you have an audience you’d like to speak to? Are you selling a product or a service? Are there people that need education about the services you provide? Is there a wider industry that you’re a part of? Would you like to speak to all these people as an authority and thought leader?
The answer to all these questions is live streaming.

Using live streaming is a way to start conversations, educate people, and give voice to fans, employees, and business partners. As a live streaming production company with years of experience, we know the importance of this powerful marketing tool. It allows your company to be at the forefront of new technologies developing in your industry, grab the attention of fast-moving consumers and interact with people in a way that other types of media just can’t. It’s also a great way to create a buzz around your brand.

Not only can it create great creative marketing options for a company but it can solve problems as well. There are great opportunities for businesses to use live streaming to host industry-wide conferences that give them a strong voice among their peers. Or it might be a recruitment drive that invites some of the leading lights in their field to become part of the company. It can solve logistical nightmares for internal communication, allowing companies to inform, train and talk to their employees in an open yet secure forum.

To put it simply, if you’re not using live streaming then you’re missing out.

How does live streaming work?

This is where people get worried. There’s so much technology involved that it scares people. We want to set your mind at ease. The art of live streaming is part experience, part planning, and a big part in the execution. We’ve been working with some of the largest companies and government agencies to host their live streaming events. As a live streaming production company in Arizona, we understand that location isn’t a barrier anymore to reach the entire world.

In its most basic form, live streaming is when a video is sent over the internet in real-time. It’s just like the live TV events we’ve been used to for so many years. There are various technical steps that need to be taken to make this happen. These basic elements are compression, encoding, segmentation, content delivery network, caching, decoding, and video playback. Each of these stages is set up essentially to translate the data captured by the video camera into our own systems and then out into the world.

We can bring your live stream together from start to finish. That might begin with the creative and production elements of a live stream, such as the content you create or building a set for your contributors. When it comes to processing the data we have the right gear and the smartest guys on our team to make it happen. We can coordinate and organize every element of the production from start times, links, live questionnaires, and anything else that needs to happen on the day.

And when it’s all done, we can find a place for your great content to keep on living.

What happens to the content once the stream ends?

This is the beauty of live streaming. The content created can continue to live on for a long time.The key is finding the right place for it. Let’s say you want to host a live training conference for thousands of people and decide that live streaming is the best way to go. After the stream is finished, instead of losing all the great talks, debates, and panels you created, you can compile it all together for an online audience. That means it continues to create value for your company.

No matter what you are planning to live stream, we can record every moment directly just the same way we would any other project. This means the footage can then go through the post-production process and be ready to broadcast on any platform. With such a vast amount of content, you can always find productive ways to repurpose it. This might be in promotional materials for your company or social media videos that you put out to your fanbase.

Creating content like this will go a long way to help you reach your brand goals.

Using live streaming to advance your brand goals.

Making an emotional connection with the customer should be every brand’s ultimate goal. There’s no better way to do this than speaking to them directly. The marketing strategy you set up for your company needs to include live streaming so you can establish a genuine relationship with the people surrounding your company. If you want to open up this conversation and keep it going then live streaming is ideal.

Our expertise and know-how will mean you can have a live streaming event that fits all your brand goals. We have broadcast streams on the biggest digital platforms to thousands of people and all in real-time. If you’re relatively new to the process, we’re happy to guide you through it. Or if you’ve been live streaming for a while but want to up your game then come to us and we can deliver real-time content that delivers every time.


Common Questions

How do brands use live streaming?

The biggest brands in the world are all kings of live streaming. Think of those massive Apple tech conferences that are not just product expo’s but actually life affirming events for their brand fans. But you don’t need to be a global brand to take advantage of live streaming for your business. Companies are hosting streams for new product launches, brand news, live interviews, webinars, promotions and live Q&A sessions. It’s all about connecting with your audience and expressing your brand values.

Why is live streaming good for marketing?

One word: Engagement. The main strength of a live stream is that it happens in real time. That means the audience needs to tune in live to get the full benefit of what you’re offering. If used the right way, a live stream can engage the audience in a genuine way and make them part of your brand story. The biggest advantage is how any event can be broadcast across the world and reach whole new audience demographics. That means more people to connect with and to tell your unique story.

Is live streaming free?

This really depends on what you’re planning to stream. There are free services available on all the major social media platforms and these are great for smaller projects but if you need to put on a large event, there will be some costs. If you want to put the stream out to a large audience and make sure it is broadcast quality, with no chance of cutting out then you’ll need to budget for some premium services and equipment. Thankfully, Epic Light Media are here to help, offering an all in one live streaming service that can take your event from the planning stage to the world at large.