At Epic Light Media we don’t subscribe. We don’t subscribe to boring or unoriginal. That means we take your big TV commercial animation ideas and transform them into video content your audience will love. Let’s make something together.


Have you ever had a marketing idea you thought wouldn’t be possible? Or one that was so big that it would break the bank to make it happen? These are usually the ideas that will catch people’s attention and help boost your company but can prove costly. At Epic Light Media we always want to find a way to make the biggest and best ideas work.

With animated TV commercials, you can really let your imagination run wild. At our Arizona animation production studio, we’ve worked with clients to design an entirely new look for their brand, creating fun and friendly commercials that will catch the attention of their target audience. There are lots of reasons to use animation for your next advert. Keep reading to find out why animated adverts work.

What types of animation are there in advertising?

There are generally 4 main types of animation used in advertising. These are 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, and live-action hybrid animation.

The go-to option for animated TV adverts is 2D Animation (FYI – it’s called 2D because it only uses the dimensions width and length). There’s a good reason for this. First of all, they are a really great way to get lots of info across in an easy-to-understand way. Often companies with tech-heavy systems or new innovative ways of working will use 2D animation to great effect. Second of all, they are a great way to make a big impression without breaking the bank. No matter how big your idea is, our team of skilled animators can design a commercial to make your brand stand out.

The next level up for your new campaign is 3D animation (FYI – 3D uses width,length and depth. That’s 1 more dimension than 2D). In the past decade this style has blown up in the world of marketing, giving brands the chance to create incredible visuals for their commercials. It can do everything 2D can do but with jaw dropping results. The one key advantage it holds over 2D animation is the ability to show intricate detail and engineering with almost lifelike accuracy. Let’s say you have a new product that has groundbreaking tech hidden inside. That’s where 3D animation comes in. The costs can quickly pile up but when done right the results can be outstanding.

From the future world of 3D to one that has been around for a long time. Stop motion animation is a fun and unique method that can be really effective. Think of the most DIY way to create fun animated visuals and that’s exactly what stop motion is. It works by moving physical objects in tiny fractions while photographing every movement, then putting them in a sequence like flipping the pages of a book. If done right it can create a lively look for your commercial and gives a real authentic feel that can’t be achieved elsewhere.

The final type is more of a combo of types. Hybrid animation can combine any of the above elements (2D, 3D and stop motion) along with live-action. This can be a great way to liven up a simple concept, add color and life to an advert, or just be creative and crafty with the tools at hand. This might be a more ambitious approach to your animation but it can yield incredible results. At our Arizona animation production company, we’re big into pushing our skillset as far as we can and creating work that will get people watching, clicking, following, and subscribing.

What advantages are there to animated commercials?

One of the best reasons to use animation in your commercial is the freedom and flexibility you can get with the medium. The main problem with live-action sequences is that they can be limited in their scope and very expensive to film. The bigger the idea, the bigger the cost. With the power of animation, there are always cost-effective ways to explore even the biggest ideas.

The most important element of any campaign is reaching the right audience. Animation has a unique advantage in that it can reach almost any demographic. It is a medium that can reach any age category and make them feel something as well as giving them all the info they need. Companies who use animated adverts often see improved engagement and create more memorable adverts for their brand. In fact, animation has been proven to last up to 21 days longer in the memory of customers than standard text and images. That’s science.

They’re also a great way to flex your brand. If you want to get your brand recognized an animated TV commercial has got incredible potential. The biggest brands on the planet have used animated campaigns and mascots to great effect. It’s a route straight into the customer’s heart, giving them a lovable character to relate to the brand with. These fun and friendly campaigns have been winning over consumers since the dawn of advertising and are just as effective today.

And the animation is built to last. There’s great longevity with an animated commercial. They can keep their appeal over a longer period of time and are perfect for breaking down into shorter content to put out across all your social marketing channels. It’s a great option for companies who want to spread their message across new media platforms to catch the attention of new audiences.

What’s the best way to use animation in commercials?

We love working with animation. What’s so great about this type of media, is it can be anything you want or need it to be. While the possibilities are endless, there are some basic rules we like to follow when we create animated content.

Keep it short and sweet. The modern viewer has a very short attention span and with the avalanche of media being thrown at them every day, you need to stand out. Thankfully, animations are a great way to get to the point quickly and make your message as clear as possible.

Explain it all. If your business has a new way of working, you’ve got a sparkly new product out or you just need to tell people who you are and what you do, then animation is the way to go. While live-action commercials can be used to great effect, there is a natural flow between language and images in animation that will help you tell your brand story just the way you want.

Expand your content. If you’re starting a campaign from scratch and have decided on animation, then it’s a great opportunity to sync up your campaign. The work created for your TV commercial can easily drop down into the other online and social media channels. It can even form the basis of your print and static communications, giving your brand incredible name brand reach and recognition.

Work with Epic Light Media

If you’re thinking of animating your next big commercial, then we’d love to hear from you. We can work up your ideas from the ground up and create an animated advert that will make heads turn. We’ve got animation experts right here in-house and a network of post-production specialists that can create amazing visuals from scratch. Get in contact with us to create your next animated project.


Common questions

Do animated ads perform better than static?

The human eye is drawn to movement. That’s the main reason animated marketing has taken off with the dawn of our digital age. As the modern screen replaces traditional paper, there are more ways to use movement to catch the eye of a potential customer. Whether animation performs better than static is really down to what you’re trying to achieve with your audience. Do you want them to click on the image and possibly buy your product? Or do you want to leave them with a lasting impression of your brand, so they’ll become a reliable customer? We think both mediums have the potential to achieve all your brand goals and we’re geared up to supply all your animation needs.

How much does a 30-second animated commercial cost?

How long is a piece of string? The scope of your project will depend on the ambition of your ideas. With our skilled in-house team we can create a low-budget animated commercial that will tell your brand story in the most simple and straightforward way possible. We can also call on our band of merry post-production men and women to create an entirely new brand universe for your company to explore. We work with you to decide on a marketing vision that fits your budget or vice versa. Let’s work together to create your brand vision.

How long should an animated TV commercial be?

It really depends where it’s going to be broadcast. If you’re putting it up on the TV then we’d aim for that magic 30-second mark. It’s plenty of time to get your message across without losing the interest of the audience and it fits perfectly with TV scheduling. Now with the open form content that can live online, there’s really no limit to the length of your video. We often say that after 1 minute, the audience drops off. But when your vision calls for a longer length then we can always make it work.